Ghar Pe Theka “You Drink We Deliver”

Welcome to the Crush Tales Food and Beverages Private Limited family. We’ve been waiting for you.

At Ghar Pe Theka, we do things a little differently. We the owners of the Ghar Pe Theka take an oath to deliver the alcohol at your doorstep and keep your refrigerator and cupboard always filled with variety of liquor you relish.

Once you order from us, you are the part of the family. And when family members have problems, we solve them. Something wrong with your order? Are you looking for a special mix for your drink today? Contact us via chat and we are available 24*7 at your service.

What makes us different for Indian Market is we are bringing transparency in alcohol market and every time you make an order on our webpage or via our app we will provide the part of the profit for welfare of the poor/unprivileged people which you can track it on our donation platform launching shortly. Every penny makes a difference and we think we have huge potential in changing the way people think about alcohol and how we can do things differently.

We remain at your service!

Your sincerely,

Drunken Owners of Ghar Pe Theka